San Francisco: Let’s get physical, physical!

We finished up day three of our trip by meeting up with Lisa and Jono’s friends, Zak and Lena.  They live here in San Francisco and very kindly offered to hang out for an evening. We met them at their place and then took their two lovely (but crazy) dogs Charlie and Sniffles for a walk to Lands End, which is a park with a whole lot of hiking trails and great views back across the city and the Bridge.  We had a bottle of red on top of a cliff and a few laughs with Lena’s high-tech selfie stick.  Despite her best efforts, Campbell still hasn’t quite warmed to the idea of the selfie.


Today we hired bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.  It is a beautiful day here and the ride was incredible.  There were a few more hills than we (read: I) had bargained for, so both my legs and my potty mouth got a fairly good work out.  Campbell blitzed past me on all the hills and barely busted a sweat.  When I stopped to catch my breath, he sucked back on a performance-enhancing Malboro.  Sausalito is a really cool beachy town with amazing cafes and shops and incredible homes. We rewarded ourselves with burgers the size of our heads for lunch, and caught a ferry back.




Tonight is our last night in San Fran.  Tomorrow we pick up a car and head down the coast towards LA.  We’ve got a few days before we’re due in LA, so will play it by ear and stop in at a couple of the seaside towns and villages on the way.  Campbell wants to see Pebble Beach Golf Course, but that’s about as far as our plans extend.  We’re quite looking forward to getting out of the city and heading towards somewhere slightly warmer. Campbell (I’ve only had my full licence for 6 months) Wilson is itching to get behind the wheel.  Wish us luck!






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