San Francisco: Giants and Gaol

Thursday was our first full day in San Fran.  We started off the morning with some passive tourism – a hop on hop off bus tour.  It’s definitely not the most economical, or efficient way to see the sights, but it was a really nice way to get an overview of the city.  We made it up into Haight Ashbury, across the Golden Gate Bridge (super windy on the top deck!) and even to the Six Sisters, which are the houses shown at the start of Full House.  I was in my element!  Campbell wasn’t impressed that we had to get off at that stop so I could have my picture taken.  My eyes lit up later in the tour when the guide pointed us in the direction of the house from Mrs Doubtfire, but Campbell wasn’t having a bar of it.



In the evening we went to see the San Fran Giants take on the Oakland A’s at AT&T stadium.  Arriving at the stadium was the first “holy shit we’re in America” moment for both of us.  The stadium is massive and encapsulates everything we typically associate with America – it was big, bright, totally full-on and just a little bit cheesy.  We were blown away by all of the facilities and the sheer abundance of everything.  The concourse of the stadium was more like the inside of a casino, or mall.  It certainly put the barren wasteland that is the Westpac stadium concourse to shame.

We ended up with pretty awesome seats – the only downside being the row of teenage boys behind us who sounded like the cast of Team America (“Team America – Fuck Yeah!”).  I didn’t actually mind their relentless commentary though, especially since I had no idea what was going on.  We both really enjoyed the game, especially once the Giants got ahead.  The Kiss Cam was also pretty funny when one old bugger gave his wife a good frisking in front of everyone.




We were up bright and early today for our trip to Alcatraz.  We were greeted on the island by one of the original prisoners who was there signing his book and answering questions. He had been sent to Alcatraz because he kept breaking out of other prisons.  The tour was really great and definitely worth doing.  You have to embrace being a tourist and get amongst the audio tour – it made the trip.  Photos don’t really do it justice, but you should see it for yourself if you get the chance.



Lessons from our trip so far:

  • Alcoholic root beer is absolutely disgusting.  It is actually the worst damn beer ever created.  Do not believe the labelling.P1010219
  • Hot dogs do not come pimped out like you see on TV.  You have to make a total disgrace of yourself at the condiments bar to get them to look like that.
  • Sneans (sneakers and jeans) is acceptable attire anytime, anywhere.  We’ve both gotten onboard already – San Fran is hilly and we’re both up against it with our massive flipper feet.
  • Do not stare at people.  A homeless man hissed at me last night and asked “what are you looking at?!” when I got a bit too curious.  I kinda felt like he was asking for attention given he had rolled up dollar bills and stuffed them in his nostrils, but whatever.
  • Travelling as a couple means you have to take a lot of selfies (much to Campbell’s disgust).  We are still perfecting our technique – Campbell is struggling with a chronic case of cat bum mouth and I’m still trying to eliminate my twenty chins.  We expect to be pros shortly.




2 thoughts on “San Francisco: Giants and Gaol”

  1. I’m really impressed with your blogging so far Aimee – you have no idea how nice it is to read what you’ve been up to each day and to see your smiling (sometimes haha) faces in the photos. Keep up the good work xo


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