San Francisco: Touch down!

We arrived in San Fran safe and sound today.  The flight was pretty uneventful, except for the woman next to us who was obviously suffering from a head cold and spent the entire flight sounding like she was trying to clear furballs from her throat.  I was all good (having the benefit of the 50,000 pairs of ear plugs Dad “sourced” for me), but Campbell had a pretty sleepless night.  Lack of sleep combined with nicotine cravings, which kicked in the minute we landed, so customs and security were pretty interesting as was his conversation with the woman at the mobile phone store while trying to sort a US sim card.


We’re all settled in at our hotel, which is actually less of a dive than we expected.  We are under strict instructions from the concierge to only venture in certain directions from the hotel though – other areas being slightly less “friendly”.  We made it as far as the Fisherman’s Wharf tourist trap this afternoon and just mooched about and stretched our legs.  We navigated our first dining out experience and sorted out this whole tipping business (which actually consisted of asking the waitress how much we should tip her – she was stoked!).  After some “robust” discussions and a lot of poring over the map, we managed to find our way home and are now parked up.  It’s looking likely that we’ll have M&Ms and potato chips for dinner and have an early night.


We have a spare day tomorrow before the baseball in the evening.  I know nothing about baseball, but am super excited about the hot dogs and donuts.







Wellington: T minus one

There is only one sleep to go before we head off on our big OE.  It is finally starting to sink in what a massive adventure we are about to go on and, after months and months of waiting, the planning and saving (boo!) is over and the fun bit is about to kick off.  It would be fair to say that we are equal parts excited and nervous, although Campbell is doing a much better job of playing it cool than I am.  Bags have been packed and repacked, lists have been checked and rechecked and confirmations have been printed and saved in every possible format.  This time tomorrow we’ll be winging our way to San Francisco!



We have had an incredible last couple of months catching up with friends and family before we leave.  There’s been a day  at the races (very messy), BYO dinners (very messy), BBQs, a weekend at Waikawa, a 21st Birthday party (I was home by 9 pm; Campbell battled on bravely till 11.30 pm), a ladies’ afternoon tea, lunches, brunches, coffees and lots of lots of “quiet drinks”.  Thanks everybody for making the time to see us off.

We will do our best to keep this blog as up-to-date as possible, but make no promises.  Hopefully we’ll be too busy out and about having fun to spend too much time behind a screen.